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 品牌故事(Brand story):
Difficulties can be ruined or newborn.

In July 1998, a flood flooded Huayong County in Hunan, putting the local people in a predicament in their daily lives. Many people lost their homes. As many people were temporarily displaced as a result of the destruction of their homes, Mr. Hou, a farmer, led the whole family from rural areas to the suburbs. In the face of a disaster, manpower was so thin that even the air was filled with gloomy atmosphere after losing his homeland and work.

In order to be able to earn a living, Mr HO wanted to go to odd jobs in the past. However, due to the floods, many shops did not have a proper way of running their businesses. The affluent folks who were in trouble did not have enough food and clothing. At this moment, everyone really missed the taste of the chopped fish head, which is Hunan specialty, is accompanied by numerous Huayan Hunan people delicious moon and sun. Mr. Hou knows very well about the head of a chop pepper. He thinks it is better to make a delicious fish head than it is to cook, so that every household can eat the chop pepper head. As a result, he set up his own small workshop in the outskirts of the country secret recipe making sauce, so that we eat a long time off the head of chop pepper. Mr. Hou's head and pepper not only satisfy everyone's wishes, but also attracted more attention; this small workshop set up by chance began to become famous.

More than 10 years later, two of Hou's children, Hou Jun and Hou Kai, grew up. Hou Jun opened Hunan restaurant in Dongguan, Hou Kai in Beijing to do information technology data analysis, one is gourmet food, one is the data up. In the Spring Festival in 2014, the two brothers sat together to talk about life and the future, Hou Kai through data analysis, concluded that the current lack of high-quality fish head pepper on the market, and even many people like to eat Hunan pepper Fish head, there is no way to do a good job, not to mention lovers in other areas. And Hou Jun just engaged in the chef industry for more than 10 years, inherited his father's craft, and has enough experience, the two hit it off, in June 2015 when the brothers jointly founded Huarong County good flavor Food Co., Ltd..

After the establishment of the company, they selected local high-quality peppers raw materials, rigorous processing, made a taste of authentic, delicious fish head pepper, loved by local people, and soon became famous, many Hunan restaurants come to buy their pepper. After a year of development, in 2016, they started their new market with the brand names of "Laotan Brothers" in order to expand their business and enter the national market.

At present, Laotan Brothers brand has enjoyed a good reputation in the whole country. The fish head and pepper produced by them have become the star products in the industry, To provide hundreds of first-tier and second-tier cities in Hunan Hundreds of Hunan restaurants, they adhere to the original belief in the development, in order for the whole country to eat authentic fish head, Quality will not be affected because of market competition, it is precisely because of this perseverance, the old altar brother head pepper has been the favorite of Hunan control.